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The technicians at Geeks2u are well aware that, much like cars, computers can only survive through a certain amount of use until something will eventually break. Computers need regular maintenance and part replacement as they age.

A hard drive, for example, has many moving parts that wear down over time and eventually break. When you bring your machine to us for computer repair, our highly trained technicians will diagnose the issue and make a recommendation on whether it is more economical to repair the problem or replace the machine entirely. If our recommendation is to replace it, we provide both new and refurbished computers in our locally owned and operated shop for your convenience.
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New Computer Sales

Trust our technicians to help you choose the best computer to fit your needs. Unlike other places, our staff does not get paid a commission so we have no need to push you towards a more expensive model. We strive to educate you the best we can so that your purchase is fueled by an informed decision.

Refurbished Computer Sales

Occasionally, Geeks2u will take customer computers as a trade toward a new computer, or we may have a customer looking to sell their current computer. In these cases, one of our technicians will remove and replace the hard drive and reinstall the operating system. In addition, well perform a stress test on the computer to ensure all other components meet our standards and the machine is working like a brand new computer.

We can also upgrade these computers to have more memory or a larger hard drive, depending on the inside components and if the computer is capable of handling these upgrades.

Computer Parts

If you’re looking for an external hard drive, new router, power cord, universal laptop charger, or any other component, reach out to a Geeks2u technician for assistance in finding a part that suits your needs and budget. A Geeks2u Technician can get you set up with the part that fits your needs and won’t break the bank.

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Geeks2u also offers Data
Recovery for Failed Hard Drives.