Repair Services for Laptop and Desktop Computers

At Geeks2u, you can come to us for an assortment of services for your desktop or laptop computer. When it comes to your computer, you might be completely out of your element. That’s where we come in. Our certified technicians can come to your home or office, check out the issues you’re experiencing, and offer FREE recommendations for the repairs you need.

Contact Geeks2u today at 507-345-4335 to let us take your worries away and get your computer running once again. Check out some of the major services we offer below! This list is not all-inclusive; it includes some of the most common problems we see for desktop and laptop computers.

In-Store Diagnostics

One of our technicians will test and troubleshoot your computer whether it is running slower than normal, has a virus or the screen is blinking or not displaying a picture, if you hear a clicking noise coming from your hard drive, or you’re experiencing any other issues. After this, we’ll provide you with a recommendation on whether it is worth fixing or if you should consider looking for a new computer.

Data Backup

We can back up your current machine’s data onto an external hard drive, flash drive, or a DVD so that your information is saved in more than one location in the event something happens to it. You will have to supply the backup device of your choice, but we do sell these items in our store. We also highly recommend using an online backup solution, which we can also provide you with.

Computer Tune-Up

We will thoroughly go through your computer to remove viruses or other harmful threats that can slow down your machine. We will also set your machine up for maximum optimization and ensure your computer is running just like it was when you first purchased it. Keep in mind, this process can be time consuming since we want to verify that we were successful in removing all threats.

System Restore With Data Backup

We will back up all your data and restore your computer by reloading the operating system to ensure no threats were left behind in your computer’s registry when viruses were removed. A Geeks2u technician will also reload any programs you had installed, including QuickBooks, Quicken, AutoCadd, or any photo editing software. This is the fastest recovery method process.

DC Jack Repair

We will remove and replace the DC jack on your laptop computer when it fails. DC jack failure is common on laptops, especially if you’re not careful when plugging in the charger.

Hard Drive Replacement

We’ll do our best to recover the data from your failing hard drive and copy it onto a new hard drive. Don’t let yourself fall victim to losing your information when your hard drive fails – let us create a backup. The questions is not whether or not your hard drive will fail. The question really is………….WHEN WILL MY HARD DRIVE FAIL?

Laptop Screen Replacement

We will replace your broken or dead laptop screen with a screen that matches your computer’s specifications. We will need to special order the part, which means it may take a few weeks for us to complete the repair.

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Geeks2u also offers Data
Recovery for failed hard drives.